Transitional KinderTop of Page

12:30-1:00 Circle Time
1:00-1:30 learning activities
1:30-2:00 creative activities
2:00-2:30 Reading

Kinder ProgramTop of Page

12:30-1:30 Homework Groups
Reading time to follow
1:30-2:00 creative activities
2:00-2:30 learning activities

1st Grade-8th GradeTop of Page

Homework 1 hour
Recreation 30 min
Enrichment 1 hour
Computer Lab 30 min
Homework hour is a time that they sit quietly working on their homework.  They are required to do homework during this hour until their homework is done and checked.  After their homework is complete they can quietly do other activities such as practice their spelling or vocabulary words, journal, or read a book.  So students may not be able to finish their homework in the time allowed and others may finish but may not get the time to have it checked.  Please take the time to check your child’s homework every night. 

If you child seems to be having a problem bringing their homework we will let you know.  Please note that just because they are working on something during homework hour we have no way of knowing if that is homework or the only homework they have for that day or week.  Please follow up with teacher if you think they are having any issues doing or turning in their homework.

Enrichment Activities:   (1 hour M/W Non Academic Lesson Plan & 1 Hour T/Th Academic Lesson Plan)

Recreation is a group activity and all students must participate unless they have a P.E. note.