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Dear Butte Vista Families, 

Our After School Program Leadership Team put together this sock drive with the help of the “Making a Difference in Yuba Sutter Team”.  The idea is to bring new socks to many families that are in need who are in shelters or homeless.  Socks are very important during the colder weather and are in need.  Ms. Reed is part of the team and is helping the leaders with this project. Our students are excited and came up with the competition on their own to help boost the sock collection.  Sock donations will be given to their teacher in the morning and they will keep track until the leadership team collects them February 17th.  The winners will be announced February 21st and they will be given a party theme of their choice. Socks can be any size as long as they are new.   We will count them by pair for the competition. Also with the recent flood waters many of the homeless families lost things they desperately depend on like tarps, tents, and sleeping bags.  If you have any of these things and want to drop them off to Ms. Reed you may do so as well.  We all want to make a difference in our community and there is always opportunities to do so.  Please contact Ms. Heather Reed if you have any questions.   Thank you again for helping our students make a difference in the community.  We look forward to posting a picture of our huge pile of collected socks.